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Folksy is a vibrant and friendly place to sell my work online. I love being part of a community of other genuinely talented makers and buyers who appreciate handmade.

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

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Free listings Unlimited 3
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Images per listing 10 5
Free Etsy import service
Commission on sales 6% plus VAT 6% plus VAT

£5 a month

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£0.15 + VAT per item

Features and benefits

  • British craft focus
  • Secure & instant payments
  • Your own free shop URL
  • Fast & friendly UK-based support team
  • 'Sell on Folksy' app
  • Mobile-optimised website
  • Buyers from across the world
  • Over 70,000 subscribers to our weekly gift guide
  • No reselling allowed (except supplies)
  • Optimised for Google and other search engines
  • SSL security
  • Etsy import service
  • Customisable shop page
  • Simple, one-page listing process
  • Shop-wide discount codes
  • Add variations to your product listings
  • Set your own postage costs
  • Exclusive partner discounts and offers
  • Free ‘Make It Sell’ ecourse
  • Shop analytics
  • No set-up fees
  • Access to Folksy Clubhouse Facebook Group
  • Access to the Folksy forums
  • Tips, advice and offer direct to your inbox
  • Based in Sheffield, UK
  • 10 million monthly unique viewers on Pinterest
  • Guest check out
  • Guest reviews

Folksy feels genuine, the interactions between sellers and customers stem from a love of handmade, and I feel valued rather than like a tiny cog in a huge corporate machine.

Sarah Bell, SarahDesignsUK

Why sell with Folksy?

  • Spearheading the UK craft movement for over a decade

    We have been supporting craft in the UK, spearheading the British handmade movement, since 2008 when we first launched Folksy. That’s over a decade of experience, knowledge and helping small creative businesses blossom. We are no ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ start-up. Every one of those 13 years, we have learned more about the handmade sector and what it takes to be successful in a rapidly changing world, and every year we take steps to improve Folksy and what we can do to help you more.

  • A small team passionate about craft

    We are team of people who believe in handmade, not a corporate giant with thousands of shareholders to please. There are six of us at Folksy – three of us are artists, designers and makers, so we understand what it takes to sell online.

  • 'Sell on Folksy' app

    We have an app specially designed for Folksy sellers to make it even easier and quicker to list your products for sale, so you can spend less time managing your stock and more time making, marketing and being creative.

  • A British business supporting the UK economy

    We are based in the UK and pay UK taxes, so your fees and commission stay in the UK, contributing to the local economy.

  • Over ¼ million shoppers visit Folksy every month

    Folksy is used by around 300,000 shoppers a month, with well over 500,000 in the run-up to Christmas. That’s a lot of people looking to buy handmade. But we’re not stopping there – we’re working hard to get Folksy in front of even more people.

  • Customers across the world

    We are a UK platform with a British focus and you need to be resident in the UK to sell on Folksy. But we have customers worldwide! Around 85% of customers are based in the UK, 4% in mainland Europe, 6% in the US and 2% in Canada and Australia.

  • A community of like-minded people

    Folksy isn’t just a platform, it’s a community. This is at the heart of what we do.

  • 70k subscribers to our newsletter

    Our weekly newsletter goes out to over 70,000 engaged shoppers – this is a great opportunity to get your work in front of new customers.

  • Millions of people see Folksy products on social media

    We have a loyal fanbase of customers on social media looking for unique, personal and handmade products made in the British Isles. Folksy products are seen by around 10 million people on Pinterest every month, and we have over 50,000 followers on Instagram and 70,000 followers on Facebook.

  • Google Shopping Ads for all Folksy shops

    We focus our advertising on getting customers to your products by running Google Shopping Adverts. All products on Folksy that meet Google’s specifications are included in this service for free.

  • No vintage or reselling

    Unlike some other marketplaces, no vintage or reselling is allowed on Folksy. We do allow craft supplies though – because what is an artist and maker without tools and materials?

  • Reports and reviews keep Folksy handmade

    We want to keep Folksy about art and handmade, so we rely on our amazing community to help flag any items that do not meet our terms and conditions, and regularly review all reported items and shops. See what you can and can’t sell on Folksy here.

  • Fast and friendly support team

    We have a brilliant, fast and friendly support team who are always there to help and answer your questions. We typically reply to over half of all support queries within four hours and 24% within one hour.

  • A huge online knowledge base

    If you need a quick answer to a question, you can usually find it on our extensive knowledge base which you can refer to whenever you need help.

  • Automatic membership to our seller forum

    As a Folksy seller you have full access to the Talk Folksy forum, where you can chat to other sellers, make connections and get advice.

  • A private Facebook Group just for Folksy sellers

    You can also join our Folksy Clubhouse Facebook Group especially for Folksy sellers, where you can pick up tips, be the first to hear about press call outs, feature requests, join webinars and grow your network.

  • Access vast resources on our blog

    Our blog and Folksy Seller Handbook, are filled with tips on how to sell online and features posts and advice from experts on everything you need to know when you run your own handmade business.

  • Three free listings to get you started

    When you join Folksy you get 3 free listings to help start you on your way, learn the ropes and get selling as quickly and easily as possible.

  • Etsy Import service

    If you have a Folksy Plus account, you can even import your listings from Etsy for free. Find out how here.

  • Free online selling course for all new Folksy shops

    Every new Folksy shop owner also gets access to our free ‘Make It Sell’ ecourse, which is followed by regular Seller Tips emails (but you can unsubscribe from either at any time.)

  • Customise your shop

    You can customise your shop with your own banner and avatar – or you can choose from one of our readymade designs.

  • Add variations to your products

    You can now also add variations to your listings, giving your customers options for each product and making it easier to personalise items. You can write your own text and add up to 20 different drop-down options.

  • We don't hold on to your money

    Sales go directly into your PayPal or Stripe account.

My Folksy Plus Account paid for itself in its first year. I was able to keep adding to my shop and relist regularly to help keep my profile up and, in turn, sell.

Elly Rowbotham

Why choose Folksy Plus?

The Folksy Plus account is the best way for craft enthusiasts and makers to sell their work online.

For £5 a month (including VAT) you get:

  • Unlimited free listings
  • Free daily relistings
  • The ability to add Featured Items to your shop
  • A Folksy Plus badge on your shop page
  • Free Etsy import service
  • 10 product photos per listing (rather than the standard 5)

How it works

With a Folksy Plus Account you can list and relist items every day without being charged and you only pay commission when your item sells (6% +VAT). This allows you to stock up your shelves for free and also makes it easier for your products to get spotted and sold. As with our Basic account, listings last for 120 days (around 4 months), so you’ll still need to renew your items when they expire – but you won’t be charged when you do.

Who is it for?

The Folksy Plus Account is designed to make it easier for everyone to sell on Folksy, whether you’re a professional maker creating a lot of pieces, a supplies sellers with a big inventory, or a crafter creating one-off items who wants to increase their visibility and raise their profile.

What are Featured Items?

Folksy Plus account members have exclusive access to the ‘Featured Items’ facility on Folksy, which allows you to highlight three items at the top of your shop page. You simply choose which listings you’d like to feature and it will display three in a random order at the top of your shop. This allows you to highlight pieces from particular collections, give your shop a seasonal theme and showcase new items.